Pole Classes in manchester

Pole fitness is a great way to achieve health, become more confident, and feel empowered. As a fitness medium over the last two decades women have completely reclaimed this art form as their own, embracing the freedom and potential for expression that pole, aerial and silks fitness allows. Our instructors are relaxed and friendly, but highly passionate about these arts, and know the subject inside out. 

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Pole classes you'll love:

Pole fitness


We offer three levels of pole fitness classes: beginner, intermediate, and advanced, enabling you to progress from your first try through to becoming an accomplished master.

 Fundamentals for pole


Learning the core techniques and shapes for the pole will help you improve your technique and help you progress in leaps and bounds.


Strength & conditioning


If you want help with your strength for pole fitness, this course will help you maintain holds for longer, and sustain the more challenging poses.

One-to-one on pole


You can have a personal one-to-one lesson, tailored to your needs. If you want to progress in pole fitness rapidly, or there's one pose or routine that you just can't master yet, our experienced instructors can arrange a one-on-one session. 



Benefits of our pole classes in Manchester

  • Improved upper body strength
  • Increase in confidence
  • Freedom of expression
  • Core strength development
  • Great atmosphere and company



Our pole fitness instructors have years of experience, and take their art very seriously.

We are particularly encouraging to new starters in this medium, and you will always find us to be welcoming and approachable.

If you want to take up this beautiful art form, pop into our pole fitness studio in Bolton, or book a pole class in Manchester today