Our dancing and fitness instructors have many years of experience and are fully trained to take on all levels of skill.

We welcome novices and beginners, and also offer something new and challenging for our more advanced students. Both our students and instructors endeavour to make you feel welcome and relaxed as you learn alternative fitness with Wild Workouts.


If you are looking for a fitness class in Manchester with a difference, try out our Wild Workouts!

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Our Instructors




Meet the owner (aka the ring master!) of our amazing studio Wild Workouts. Instructor of many fitness classes and pole instructor.

Rachel started her first pole class in 2018 alone and was in absolute awe, vowing that one day she will own her own studio!!! Rachel’s pole journey has never come naturally even the simplest of moves, but having her pole family to cheer her on every step of the way has been incredible. Through all the shouts of “wrong leg Rachel”, crashes to the matts, stomping feet because she was nearly almost there!!! Has been amazing. Pole and fitness classes is her sanctuary to life and the friends made at the studio are always there to pick her up both literally and metaphorically. Outside of pole Rachel has a real passion for all fitness activities, outdoor workouts and family adventures.

Rachel has a BSc Hons adult nursing degree, BSc Hons in Health Visiting, Baby massage, level 2 Personal Trainer and Xpert 1 & 2 Pole Fitness.

Jo Benbow

Our amazing multi-talented Jo is our pole advanced instructor.

Despite hating PE and any sort of organised sport at school, as an adult, taking occasional gym class turned into a love for exploring new and fun kinds of fitness! Jo has been training pole since 2017 and as soon as she took her first class she was hooked. In 2021 Jo took the plunge and started teaching. Jo loves how supportive and welcoming pole classes are, and you know Jo will be the most excited one in the room when you nail your nemesis move! Jo is qualified in: Xpert 1&2 Pole fitness, Level 2 fitness instruction, level 3 personal Training, Brown belt in kickboxing and CPD Combined Boxing.

In addition, we are extremely proud of Jo who has reached the finals Midlands Pole Championships!!!



Orange is our super flexible/bendy advanced pole instructor

Orange is a beautiful sole who is incredibly patient and understanding teacher, and is always happy to break things down and explain things many times as is needed. Core strength and pole combos of all levels are her favourite thing to teach, and crazy beasty strength stuff.

Our Orange is super flexible!! the way she splits and contorts with ease might seem mind blowing, but she firmly believes in being able to unlock everyone’s flexy potential. 


Mini Jo

Our fun, super talented Mini Jo is our Aerial Hoop instructor

Jo (aka Mini Jo) Began training in aerial arts in 2015 and aerial hoop quickly became her favourite discipline. She qualified as an instructor in 2020 and teaches and coaches students from beginners to high intermediate level.

Jo also trains aerial straps and has once been on a pole! Outside of aerial life Jo loves her dog, dancing (in the kitchen) and to travel when she can.


Charlotte is our NEW yoga teacher! Charlotte is well experienced of practicing yoga from a  very young age. Yoga has always been a huge part of her life.  

Charlottes classes are playful and powerful whilst still keeping the space for you to dive into your practice. Outside of teaching, Charlotte loves meeting new people, fitness, reading and crocheting. 


Our awesome beasty Cassandra (aka our Duracell bunny) that keeps on going!! – Cassandra is our energetic Bounce fit and Zumba fitness instructor

Dancing was a passion of Cassandra’s since she was a child. Following her dream, she was soon introduced to exercise and that’s where the magic happened! Cassandra has been teaching for over 10 years!! and is qualified in a range of fitness classes such as dance fitness, HITT, yoga, pilates, boxing, trampoline and PT’s. Cassandra is an amazing instructor she’ll work you hard and make you feel the burn! Cassandra believes that exercise should be TOUGH but FUN. Cassandra has a genuine enthusiasm for helping the individual to reach their goals whilst enjoying themselves.



Kathryn is our fun loving Beginners pole instructor.

Kathryn has been doing pole since 2018 where her passion for pole fitness started. Kathryn loves figuring out the technical secrets for how moves work to be able to explain as clearly as possible so they actually make sense. Mostly though, she just loves prancing around and photo bombing your pictures! Kathryn is very caring and approachable instructor who will make your introduction to pole a breeze with her fun loving character, you’ll have so much fun. Kathryn enjoys outdoor workouts, family days out and partying with her friends. 



Sadie is our beautiful, super friendly beginners pole instructor  

Sadie is the master of making anyone feel at ease in seconds, and bringing out the best in you. Sadie loves making pretty pole shapes and is determined to gain her strength back from pre lockdown blues. Sadie started pole back in 2017 where she fell in love with pole fitness and aerial arts. Sadie became a pole instructor in 2019 where her confidence really grew. She enjoys the fact that it didn’t feel like exercise at all but a fun time with friends. 



Emma is our bright and friendly beginners pole instructor

Emma is an experienced poler of 5 years and branching out to aerial hoop for 2 years. She is super good at beasting about in the studio and helping other people do the same and loves pole and getting the fundamentals rights. Emma is super kind with a funny character that is always willing and happy to help. In her spare time Emma loves to listen to music and singing in her car, shower and sounds awesome!



Lisa is our Disney princess with some SASS! – Beginners and intermediate pole instructor

Lisa has been poling for around 2 and a half years. Before her pole passion she never really stuck to an exercise type but fell in love instantly to pole fitness and never looked back. Lisa enjoys branching out to other art forms such as aerial and dance but her real passion is pole and twerk. She can make her ass do things that will blow your mind, and will teach you how. Lisa enjoys watching poler’s confidence grow from week 1 -6 and beyond! Outside of pole Lisa has a 5-year-old boy who loves pole just as much if not more than Lisa! She enjoys nature, outdoor activities and goes wild for buying pole outfits just ask her how many she has. 









What our fitness and dancing instructors offer you:

  • Friendly tuition – With the option of one-to-one lessons if you wish. The Wild Workouts instructors pride themselves on their approachability.
  • Experience and expertise – Many of our instructors are at the top level of their profession, and ready to pass on their knowledge to you
  • A relaxed, unhurried class – With long breaks between classes, our instructors are always fresh and ready to take your lesson, and are happy to chat afterwards about anything you need guidance with

Our fitness trainers are happy to help you achieve the level of skill you are dreaming of, in vocations as diverse as trampoline workouts, Zumba, and yoga. Book a Manchester fitness class today.

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We are proud to announce that one of our instructors, Jo Benbow has qualified for the 2021 UK pole fitness championships!





All of our fitness instructors are well qualified, many to level 2 personal fitness instruction, or have dance and teaching qualifications too.

What we are most proud of here at Wild Workouts is our welcoming and supportive environment. We know that the first steps to becoming fit and active can be the hardest, and we aim to ensure your first time here is as enjoyable as possible.

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 Come and visit our brand new studio in Swinton, fitted out with all the latest alternative dance equipment, or feel free to book a fitness class in Manchester online today.

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